How do I modify the standard Invoice Template?


I am using the standard invoice template, which works great for me, but when
I do a progress invoice it says "Progress invoice 25 percent of sales quote
2" in the description, but the 2 always goes to the next line. It confuses
customers. How do i expand the description field so that it will stay on one
line? I usually "print" them to PDF and send out. In the templates, i can't
seem to find the general template. The invoice B&W doesn't look like what
prints out. This is very confusing to me. HELP please.



Meter Man

I AM using Word and I can't find the default invoice either. Is it a word
template? If not can I set one of the Word Template to print When I click

Meter Man


You can not edit the basic or default invoice.

In the menu tree, go to Company, select Manage Word Templates. Pick Invoice
and edit the template you want. Delete what you do not want and save with a
unique name. Then, select print, under the print options press the word
templates button then press the Templates button. The edited template you
just saved should be in the list. Select it. The name should be in the
selected template box. This is now the default invoice.



monique [MS]

Templates are 'read-only' to prevent accidental deletion. It is recommended
to use Save As when modifying templates rather than removing templates
read-only property.

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