How do I select my Custom Invoice Template?


When I have an invoice open and I select the "Export to Word" option it
automatically opens the default invoice with a sample logo. It NEVER gives me
the option to configure it to export it to my custom invoice or any of the
other invoices. This is very frustrating. I demand to talk to BILL G. Where
is he for problems like this? Thanks for your help




With an invoice open, selct Actions (from the menu), then Export to Word. A
dialog box will open where you can select a template. The selected template
will become the default for the icon...

Manuel Davila

I came here to find an answer to your exact question. See the answer below
from Patrik Kuras "Word is a terrible form..."




You can also set the default invoice by selecting an invoice to print,
print, then check the Word Template button, press the templates button to
select the invoice you want as default and it will print until you change
it. You can go back and forth between the basic invoice and the Word
Template with out changing the default Word Template.

Hope this helps

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