How do I set up an installment in Accounting Professional 2009?



Can anyone pls share your experience and procedures to set up an installment

Till now, I've been making as many invoices as the number of payments,
adding a letter to differentiate (8550A, 8550B,...).
But, by doing that, I first have to divide each value by the number of
payments. The way I found to do that was to divide the number of items,
preserving the real total cost of units.

Let say I sell 1 item for $1000,00, but the customer will pay me in 3
parcels of $333.33,00 (thats a horrible 333.33333...). In each invoice, I
change the number of items to 1/3 (0.33) to achive the total amount in 3
parcels (999.99).

Another way is to adjust the final price in each invoice to $333.33, but
that way I will be registering invoices with 66.67% of discount each, so I
preferred the first one.

I suspect that this is the stupid way to do there a good soul to
teach me the right way?!

Thanks in advance,

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