How do I show previously invoiced amount on progress invoice?



I invoiced a customer last month for 9 percent of the project. The customer
has not yet paid me, however I do want to show on the new invoice this month
that I have billed the 9% in the past. Now I need to invoice for 35%, and I
want to make sure they are reminded that they did not pay me for last month.
How can I show the amount due this month (the 35% minus the 9% I billed last
month). Since the customer has not paid me for last month, they do owe me
the full 35%, however once they have paid a percentage, the paid amount will
need to be subtracted from the total due. Any help would be greatly




Lance [MSFT]

In the invoice and also in most other transactions forms, you can use a line
with a negative qty to subtract off amounts from your total transaction.

For example, if I had a service item set up as 'Revovation Project' with the
income account set to whatever account I wish to use to track income for the
project, I could enter the invoice as follows

Line1 - Item: Renovation Project, Description: 35% of renovation project.
Qty: .35, Unit Price: whatever the agreed upon total was for the project.

Line2 - Item: Renovation Project, Description: Less 9% previously paid, Qty:
-.09, Unit Price: whatever the agreed upon total was for the project.

The would result in an invoice total for 26% of the agreed upon project total.

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