How do I use imported QIF file from a Bill Pay Service???


Colin Higbie

I am a complete newbie to Money and am very confused. Any help or suggestions
would be most appreciated. I want to be able to use Money's projection and
analysis tools, but don't understand how to import and use my existing data.

I use PayTrust to receive and pay my bills. If you are not familiar with this
service, it works like this - you give your utilities and credit cards the
PayTrust address to send the bills (some, like CitiBank, some other banks, and
Sprint PCS are electronic/automatic and you have real-time access to your
accounts). Then, PayTrust e-mails you when you receive a bill, displays all
your balances, and lets you check off to make payments (or look at PDF's of
the bills, or specify a different payment amount, etc.) All very, very handy -
no paper bills, nothing to misplace, much less organizational time needed.

However, it only exports QIF files of its data.

So, in Money, I import the QIF which has all of my payments to all of my
creditors (utilities, credit cards, car loans, etc.) Now what??? Money stores
all of this info with the PayTrust account I needed to create in order to
import the QIF. I assume I want it spread out correctly across all the
relevant accounts. No?

Do I need to remove my other banking information from Money? I just don't
understand how to use the info in Money. Was there a way to do this without
creating an account in Money for PayTrust (it doesn't have it's own balance or
actual funds - it's just a record of bills received and paid)?

Thank you very much for any help,


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