How it is made to work


Fred Shaw


"So let's go over that again, shall we, Mr R, and see how simple it is.

Our agent One-Percent-George gives any target president or king a loan guarantee
to join the coalition - that coalition I mentioned to annul the threat from the
competition there and allow our expansion out across the gas and oilfields. -
Yeah, the coalition that's against the terrorism that would prevent the free
flow of capital.

So the loan guarantee is used to borrow yen at zero percent.

The yen - you do not change them, or you incur risk of parity difference - are
used as a guarantee to borrow say sterling or dollars or yewros from us, from
us, at OUR rate and less our retentions, of course.

The nominal residue of sterling, dollars or Yewros are, so patriotically, put
into said president or king's treasury for the use of his country. The diff.
between the zero and local rates - five or ten percent - are his, tax free, of
course. - Only the cattle are milked of taxes.

From the treasury the residue of funds are fed out into the banks - less
retentions of bankrate, of course, and the banks charge higher interest to
compensate for the retentions and pay for their costs and expenses, all of which
- our rate, our retentions, their retentions, their costs - the idiot borrowing
and buying public have to repay as tax, costs and inflation. Somebody has to
pay for it all, after all.

Then follow OUR loans of more foreign investment at our rate and less
retentions, of course, of course - which they will have to accept forevermore or
risk exposure to political and national scandal - Yeah, that's the free flow of

And their public will be too busy working for the money to pay for a roof and
food and taxes and stuff to have children, and too busy doing all their
paperwork of accounts and taxforms and too stupefied by our nu-education ever to
notice what we've done to them, and too busy paying for the poor and for all the
wash of immigrants brought in to protect their economies ever to recover from it
- Then in step our boys and first mate with all the . . .

Sure the Presidents ain't going to say nothing, particularly when we present it
as a bit of a joke. If they've been lawyers and tax-inspectors and businessmen
and stuff they ain't so stupid . And the kings'll just take and wave and nod
benignly - That's their job.

The coalition? - Oh, One-Percent'll just bat his eyes sincerely in close-up,
then turn his shoulder as we showed him, and they'll swallow it all - They'll
swallow anything now. If he strikes for more? - Oh, we'll just bring in Sheena
or Cheta, whatever its name was - They'll never notice any difference, cept
maybe Sheena has the edge on intelligence and genuine sincerity.

The coalition, motivated by Wolfie Boy One policy, then does what it's told, as
you see, and we have it all. - The damage we do? - Oh, after we've finished
busting everything we'll bring in the rest of the world to repair the mess we
made, and Wolfie Boy Two will make sure they're all there. - Pay? - The rest
will. Our share of the cost? - Oh, our loan guarantees will make all the goy
populations pay for the 'grant' part. The media will sell them the idea and
keep them all passive. And the loan - let's see, retentions plus interest, say
fifteen percent, compound per annum doubles it each five years, so they'll owe
us twenty billion in five years, forty in ten, eighty in fifteen, a hundred and
sixty in twenty - and that's without the further loans - So that wraps up their
entire output ad infinitum - It's ours, Mr Rothschild, it's all ours."

"Oihgr - 'Ours', was that?"

"Well, yeah, yours, I suppose. - So long as you keep your eye on old rumble-guts

Source material: 'Strong Meat' by Ephraim J.Leitner

So when you look at your comfortable president, prime minister or monarch,
remember, and think, 500 million for you, and all these loans for us to repay,
and all this inflation, just for your pocket? - And decide otherwise. If you
can't have honest dogs, then don't have dogs.


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