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Jan 26, 2018
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Hi All!

I am accountant from Ukraine (country near Russia and Poland if someone never hear about it :) Lets disscus some specific things related to your practice.

Start first: A lot of foreign colleagues very surprised with hard documental restrictions in ukrainian accounting work and related tax code requirments. For you understanding every operation you need in fact pack of documents to support , suppose you want to buy building materials and deliver them to building site, in this case you will need:

1) Invoice
2) Act of acceptance of materials with signs and seales from both sides buyer and seller.
3) If you hire someone to deliver this goods you need Act of acceptance with him and additional specific document TTN, which confirm that this truck deliver your materials to you.
4) After that if you VAT payer and want credit you need to received Tax Invoice from supplier

You went through this and decided to give company car and fuel card for your building engeenier and send him to the building site. Well, ok, you have expense report and confirmation that this folk work hard? No? Nice, that s mean car is additional benefit and you should pay taxes for him. Have documents, but he overspent more fuel that theoreticaly should for car of such type? Nice it is also additional benefit and yes this expenses is non-deducteble for purposes of Corporate tax calculation.

After all you build this house, use materials, open bottle of wine to celebrete project end, but duting tax audit TTN was not found, so you have no confirmation that you receive delivered materials and in fact you not receive materials and related expenses.

Is it easier in your countries with such things?


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