how to deal with reimbursement?


John S.


I created a sub category "reimbursement" in the "health" category.
My goal is that the health expenses represent really what it costed me.

The problem is that the "health" category display only shows debits. It
doesn't take into account the reimbursements. In the same manner, for the
budget, health reimbursements only appear as revenues. I didn't find any way
to deduct them from the health expenses.

I encounter the same problem with business expenses: I have to do myself the
difference between expenses and reimbursement.

Have somebody find any way to solve this problem?

Thanks for any suggestion






Instead of assigning reimbursements to a new subcategory, why not just
assign them to the same category as your original expense? If Money
warns you about assigning income to an expense category you can either
ignore it or turn these warnings off altogether in Options.

Since your goal is to get the true final cost of "health" transactions,
I assume you don't really care about separating your expense
transactions from your reimbursements. Try it with one of your recent
reimbursements and see if you get the reporting results you are looking
for. Good Luck!

John B

John S.

Thanks John for your response.
I tried to use the same category (or sub category) but it didn't change
anything: only expenses are taken into account.



Glyn Simpson, MVP

If this is on a report, then you'd need to check that the payment types
option is set to all types, rather than just expenses.

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