How to display Total Item Quantity on receipt and Status bar



I would like to print a total Quantity of items purchased on receipt and the
status bar.
I found a way of displaying them but the problem is that we use tag along
items for alcohol tax . This tax differs based on alcohol content and size,
example a 6 pk of beer has $0.20 tax plus sales tax, a 750 Ml a bottle of
wine has $0.116 tax .
If i ring up a 6pk or beer this would show up as 2 lines(line one name and
price for beer , line two alcohol tax tag along item) on POS screen and the
Total items and total QTY count shows as 2 when in reality only 1 item was
This gets even more confusing when there is a mixed purchase (alcohol and
soda) for example if we sell a bottle of gin and bottle of tonic water now
the Total items count shows 3.

The tag along items show up on the POS screen but should not be counted as
"Actual Item" being purchased.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated



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