How to Edit Security?



I have Quicken 2003 Basic running on Windows XP Home.
When I click on down arrow in Security column in a Register for a mutual
fund, I get a window with a short list of several securities. Some of them
old, some are misspelled. I'd like to edit this list, i.e. remove the old
securities and correct the spelling of others.
I know that security could be edited in the Security View. However, when I
go there and try to change the spelling, I'm getting a message <You already
have a security with this name>. That's true, but this correctly spelled
security DOES not appear in the window in the Register! How do I have a
RIGHT security to show and the misspelled one to disappear?
Also, how do I remove the old securities from showing up in the window in
the Register, but still be available in the general list of securities?
Am I clear enough in describing my problem?
Thanks for your suggestions.



Randy Stevens

Since you get a message indicating that you already have a security by that
(correctly spelled) name, I suspect that the correctly spelled security is

1. Open your Security List. In Q2003 Premier, this is done by clicking
Investing, Security List.
2. From the Security List window, select Options, View Hidden Securities.
You need to ensure that "View Hidden Securities" has a check next to it.
3. If a security is hidden, it will have a little hand next to its name in
the security list. Select the security, then click the Hide(x) to toggle
the hidden status.

Quicken basically acts like a database. With securities, the record "key"
is the security name, so you must have unique names.


thanks for your instructions. I checked the list of securities (hidden and
visible), but there is just this one! Am I stuck?



Bob L.

Maybe your file is corrupted. Have you tried validating the file? In 2003
deluxe you do that from File, File Operations, Validate and pick the name of
the current file.

Bob L.

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