how to implement vouchers globally



I recently added a 2nd store to my operation and have a big problem
with gift cards not working globally. We use the built in voucher
feature and after 4 years we have lots of outstanding gift cards.
We're now having customers visiting our new store location with gift
cards issued at the other store. I'm looking for a way to allow gift
cards issued at one store to be redeemable at the other store. I do
not want to use a 3rd party gift card service provider. I have seen
some 3rd party add on modules but prefer to not install such software
if I can avoid it. I'm considering devising a script of my own which
copies voucher data from one store database to other or from the HQ
database to each store database. My question is if I'm safe just
modifying the "Voucher" table in the databases without updating the
VoucherEntry or any of the transaction related tables. Are there
dependencies among those various tables that will cause me problems if
I violate? I only care about being able to check the balance of
vouchers and being able to tender transactions with them. I'm hoping I
can simply update the Balance column in the Voucher table. I'd really
appreciate any insight from anyone who has done this or knows if it
will cause me trouble.

How about any opinions on 3rd party global gift card modules?

Does anyone know if Microsoft will be adding global gift card
functionality in a future version?




Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

I would steer clear of trying to roll my own add-in for this. If you
want to use vouchers globally, just go get one of the add-ins that's
already available.

The 3rd party gift card modules are nice. They work in all of your
stores and usually let the customer check their balance on-line.

As far as I know, global vouchers are not in 2.0, but all I've seen is
the marketing brochure which may not cover everything.

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
(e-mail address removed)

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