How to issue a credit note in RMS



A customer walked into my store today to buy a gift card. I had none on
hand. How do I take his money and issue a credit note to him until the cards
come in?


Dan Levin




Hi Dan - if you don't have any, go to officemax or office depot and buy some
paper gift certificates. Set up a voucher item and "gift certificate" tender
(type = voucher) to handle this until your gift cards come in. Search the
help guide for "voucher" for step by step instructions on setting this up.
Hope this helps.....




Depending on how your sku is structured - you could issue a Work Order
(taking full deposit - or override the deposit amount you might already have
required on your system). As your GC sku is likely not able to be placed on a
WO, your generic/dummy sku might not be set as NI, allowing it to be placed
on a WO. OR, if you are expecting the cards soon, and you can float an inv
off qty, I would sell something that you do not traditionally sell, overwrite
the description on the POS (this can be done, printing to the receipt,
journaling the text, etc w/out actually changing any properties of the line
item going forward) to read Gift Card or similar - then when the customer
comes back for a swap - simply recall and exchange the trx (placing inv back
OH and relieving the GC).

Make sense?

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