USA How to record employees time provided to a non profit from a non profit

Oct 4, 2018
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United States
I work at a university which is a non-profit and we have an alumni association which is a separate non profit. The alumni association has NO employees. The university has hired about 20 people to do the work for the alumni association so those people are paid by the university but the work they perform is for the Alumni association. However, the alumni associations work is to establish a pipeline for the university to members, donors and students with the hopes that the connection the alumni association establishes grows into a long term relationship of giving and philanthropy with those groups. The university cannot gift these services since they are a non-profit (checked with legal counsel already) but what nobody can seem to tell me is how should these be recorded for both the university and the alumni association? Are these a trade of goods or services or is this some sort of bartering transaction?


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