How to setup Restricted Stock Grants



I periodically receive grants of stock which vest over 5 years. There is
no cost to me - a specified number of shares are awarded and registered in
my name. Ownership is transferred to me at the rate of 20% per year (so
long as I stay with the company). While the stock is vesting, I receive
dividends on all shares, vested or not.

Quicken does not have an investment transaction specifically for stock
grants, so I have been using the Grant Employee Stock Option transaction.
Previous versions of Quicken let me set this up with a .00 amount for the
exercise price, but Quicken 2005 requires an amount greater than .00 in
this field and does not permit editing of the transaction. I used .01 as
the exercise price just to get the grant entered into Quicken this year,
but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.



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