USA how to take decedent IRA

Dec 6, 2018
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United States

My Father passed recently. He and my Mom (passed 2 years prior) had the family home and most of their assets in a Trust, and I am the successor trustee. This part is fairly easy to deal with.

However, my Dad had a regular IRA (not SEP or Roth) in a local bank and my Mom was the beneficiary that was not in the trust. Which, I think I've read is the proper thing with an IRA.

I'm trying to figure out how to take the IRA and split between my two brothers and I. None of us want to roll it into new IRA's. The bank wants us to fill out a W-9, understandably, but do I use his SS# or the trust's EIN? How do I sign a W-9 if we use his SS#, since the PoA I had terminated at his passing?

I would think the bank would know this, but it appears not.




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