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Aug 21, 2019
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United States
Hi, new to the forum, just hoping there might be some ideas on here for me today and in the future! I am managing the accounting department of a mid-sized non-profit. We have about 25 employees in the US, plus another 25 total in offices in other countries.

This question is slightly off topic, and if inappropriate I apologize.

When I started here they were using Paychex for payroll and HR management. I can't wait until January when I will switch us to Quickbooks Payroll. Paychex has been really frustrating to work with after years and years of using Quickbooks. However, our HR manager is going to lose her HR platform when I make that change.

Hoping for some non-accounting input: What sort of HR platforms are your HR departments using? I could see value in integration with Quickbooks, but maybe that is unnecessary.

We are looking for:

-A place to store and manage all manner of employee documents (contracts, tax forms, insurance docs, waivers, etc.)
-Some kind of system for alerting to review due dates, certification expirations, etc.

Ideally to include:
-Employee directory where employees could access photos and contact information for other employees
-Electronic signature system
-Employee access to manage time off requests
-Employee handbook access
-QB integration to sync salaries, PTO, etc.

My HR manager has come up with "Bamboo" as a possibility, but it is really expensive (IMO) - $8.25 per employee per month, which would be over $400 a month, plus a $1000 set-up fee.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks for your time.



Jun 27, 2014
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United States
It looks HRWeb will be the right solution for your requirement. It also integrate with QuickBooks software. Give it a try!


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