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Hi Everyone. I searched the forum, but couldn't find any answers, sorry if
this is a very noob question:

We're using 1.3 1007 and RMSynergy. I've modified the html status window in
the pos to show the customer loyalty points. There are actually two values.
One is localpoints (the points accumulated at that store) and the other is
loyaltypoints. Both draw from the RMSynergy tables that get added during the

I use those points to calculate a value the customer can redeem, but my
problem is I can't seem to test for NO value for points in those tables, so
my calculation bombs when it encounters an empty loyaltypoints or localpoints

I've tried using the standard tests for null, or isnull, but those tests
fail, so even if the field is empty in those tables, it doesn't mean "null"
as far as I can tell.

What's in those fields when they are empty, and how can I test for empty? I
hope it isn't isempty...that's the only one I didn't try, but I didn't want
to keep casting about...

Also, is there some kind of guide or manual for all the ins and outs of
programming that status bar and the use of QSrules in these types of



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

I'm sure that you are doing a SQL Select from Status.htm to get the
point values. You can use the SQL function IsNull() to make sure that
any null values in the row get a default value (0 would bake sense).
However,you may be getting no rows and the IsNull() is not going to fix
that. In that case you will probably need to modify your Select
statement to include a LEFT Join on something like Customer where you
know you will get a matching row.

Check out SQL Server Books on line at to
get details on syntax.

select c.AccountNumber, isnull(x.localPoints, 0), isnull(y.loyaltyPoints, 0)
from Customer c
Left Join localTable x on c.AccountNumber = x.SomeField
Left Join loyaltyTable y on c.AccountNumber = y.SomeField
Where c.AccountNumber = {The selected customer's account number}

Obviously, I have no idea what tables or fields you need to use in the
join, but as long as there is a customer record, this query will return
a row and the fields will not be null...

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
(e-mail address removed)




Oh, good point. There might not be a field to point to because the either
the local or global Synergy loyalty table might not be populated for the
matching Customer number.

So I should be able to test for eof -

Thanks Glenn,

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