I am in shock!




I have defended you for years, and now I have been proven wrong by your
detractors. THey all told me to use Quickbooks, and save the hassle. I pay
slightly more to my accountant because I do not use Quickbooks.

Dynamics costs way too much for a business the size of mine.

What Now? As far as I can tell there is no other accounting system that
uses SQL Server as its backend. We have invested lots of manpower
integrating our accounting software with our website, enterprise, etc.



Chris Schatte

Money was also discontinued.
So this company that we all invested man hr labor $ in just ran us thru
their corporate shredder.
Like you we invested time and money in hardware and software.
We were on the verge of doing major capital improvements to our systems for
our businesses. POS, entry level Dynamics (possibly), Web site, etc...

They lost a sale, though I doubt that anyone there will care

Yesterday Microsoft cast millions of small businesses around the world aside
like yesterdays trash and apparently are going to persue only medium to large
businesses for their software offerings.

IMO, they commited a complicated suicide...

I will never put money and trust in Microsoft again if I can find an
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