i can't reinstall money 2002


jerry moynihan

i deleted money in an attempt to change some basic
information i originally put in it. i thought that it
would be a simple matter of re installing it using the
disk that came with my computer.
But no, not that easy at all. when i go to add/remove in
the control panel and select floppy/cd it will prompt
me ' d:/setup.exe ' i hit finish and it says:

'this installation package could not be opened, contact
the application vendor to verify that this is a valid
windows installer package'.

the system pack is still in there and i did re-install
that but to no avail , please help me someone !



Kimberly Renna-Griego

Try removing the System Pack, and then see if the article below helps you to
reinstall successfully.

Money: Error Message: This Installation Package Could Not Be Opened

Kim Renna
Microsoft MVP - Consumer Products

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