I want to become a paraplanner-career change-seek advice



I've been working for three banks for three years as Retail Clerk and Trade
Finance Officer and feel it very boring working like a machine following all
the strict procedures not using my brain. I have a Master degree of Commerce
in Business Information Systems and Finance and a Bachelor degree of
Economics in International Finance. So I believe I have a good academic
background and potential in figures and analysis. I want to develop a career
in a more analytical or mathematical or research area. I did a bit research
for a few months and found out that a Paraplanner might be what I want to
be. As I don't have any experience in this industry I would like to seek
some advice. I have the following questions to ask and would appreciate it
very much if someone can help:

1. Are there any more advanced analytical or mathematical or research
positions that I might suit? I learned that Financial Planner might be a
higher position and might earn more money but I don't want a too
customer-focused position as I prefer a quiet job, I mean, not too much
talking involved.

2. What exactly do I need before I can become a paraplanner? I learned that
I need a DFP and need to be PS146 compliant and of course, some experience.
But what experience is enough to get to be a paraplanner?

3. What is a good entry into this industry? I have developed a bit far in my
banking career and my current salary is obviously more than entry level. I
would consider an entry level position in this industry if the salary is
reasonably lower than my current salary. What kind of positions can I
choose? Financial Planning Assistant/Admin? Superannuation Admin? Funds
Admin? or Life Insurance Admin?

Thanks very much for any advice.


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