IG maintained



It seems that basic civics lessons are true on separation of powers.

DC City Council initiated an emergency act (which bypasses Congress)
to change the qualifications of the inspector general including that
of the incumbent. Mayor vetoes act, Council overrides, mayor refuses
to implement law-- Council sues in wrong court, then sues in Superior
Court, Court rules Council has standing, and yesterday ruled that the
law is null and void. Thus, the Superior Court held that a Council
has no authority, at least in these specific circumstances, to
exercise executive office authority and remove an official in the
executive branch. Thus the IG may stay his term.

The IG remains independent in DC. No one can quite figure out the
motives of the city council...Council has made a number of
allegations, all refuted by independent parties.

Some people have told me the "word on the street" is that cronies are
getting hurt by IG actions and they want him out. Can't substantiate
but certainly, this IG has been effective.


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