Illegal activities of Equifax through Verified by Visa crap



Illegal activities of Equifax through Verified by Visa crap

I've had the unfortunate experience of locked out
of Verified by Visa today.

When I went to check, they said its because the system
has been changed and I did not answer all the questions

I insisted I did.

Worse, I also insisted I did not share answers with them
at any time for them to be asking questions to me
like do I have property in Yorkshire, Cornwall and Hatfield.
Also I do not know if a person named Paul ever stayed
at the house that I stayed.

I pointed out I got through the first questions, and the screen
went to second one asking me which phone I supplier I had.
I answered correctly and it failed it there and then.

So in telling this tale, Verified by Visa immediately
disowned their new system and blamed Equifax who they
said were posting the questions.


Who the ****** is equifax and what rights do they
have to ask me questions for which I HAVE NEVER SHARED
information with them????

Merely answering the question
is extremely illegal as its fishing for answers.

The database is full of inuendos gathered
from god knows where.

Computationally correct answers such as who might
have stayed at the house that I stayed WILL NEVER be
humanly correct, and even more inappropriate if I did
reveal some answer to which Equifax is not entitled to.

So where do I complain?

Do I complain to Database Registrar?
Do I complain to the financial services ombudsman?
Do I complain to the banking ombudsman?

I am really pissed off as this is the second time
this has happened in a month.
I bought my ID Card and passport from (e-mail address removed) and it arrived safely and i am now using it without any him even if you need valid visa sticker.


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