I'm confused...


Scott Cooper

I am trying to determine whether or not some of the MS Business
Solutions products would be appropriate for our organization.
Currently, my focus is on replacing our current POS application so
that's how I got started looking at this stuff.

My confusion is in what the various product are and what they do. As
far as the POS solutions go, I've managed to find an eval of "Store
Operations Manager" which seems like it includes "Point of Sale" but
the product comparison page
lists "Point of Sale" and "Retail Management System".

What's what? are all three of these separate products? If so, what are
the differences?

Also, I got sucked into looking at the Business Solutions web page at
products like Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, and Small Business
Financials. Some of these products sound slightly different from one
another but for the most part they all sound like the same product with
a different skin? Can anyone provide any insight?

Lastly, what is the relationship between the POS apps and the later
ones I mentioned? Are they integrated?



Afshin Alikhani

MS POS is a basic POS for a single store. It has a nice user interface but
it is missing a few essentials like fashion matrix, accounts receivable
etc.... Microsoft RMS is for both single and multi store environments and
has more features. If you are not sure I would recommend that you call us.
We sell all over the US

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Second Floor
Lakewood, NJ 08701

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Afshin Alikhani - [[email protected]]
CEO - Retail Realm

Scott Cooper

Does POS still use a SQL backend? Can you upgrade from POS to RMS?



M$ POS is only supported on MSDE, the desktop version of SQL, in a peer to
peer environment. Full blown SQL and dedicated servers, like SBS or Windows
Server, are not _officially_ supported at this time

Not at this time. More stupidity!

Remember that M$ POS is designed for the _small_ retailer with minimum
needs. Basically its to replace existing cash register(s), single store
only, with up the 3 _register_ stations total.


You're right. It would be stupid to take an entry level POS app and make it
officially work with full blown SQL and dedicated servers. Entry level POS
users want to run POS on a PC they can pick up at Best Buy or a consumer
machine they buy from Dell. Why sell them a Hummer when they are looking for
a basic economy car?



Masta T

Hmm, my usual question off the hip when asked this question is, Sir, what
type business do you have? I mean, what do you do? Lets start there eh? I
guess when I go to the doctor I like for him to at least look before he
sticks me with a needle. I feel that is fair.

So, RMS is a product purchased from a firm called SMS from Anaheim, CA. It
has a stable running networkable POS, based on SQL. It has multi store
modules to allow HQ to receive sales information, control purchasing,
pricing and sale price reductions.

It has programmable aspects that allow a developer to customize it to meet
end user requirements if they are not "out of the box" in the program. Many
such "add-on's" are available thru a number or retailers here in the US and
abroad. I suggest you seek local partners near you to help implement the
software if this is what you choose to use. They can usually help reduce
the learning curve and provide on-site support should the need arise.
Always get references.

MS POS is MS's new POS as the others have said, is limited to single store
and has no "add-on" capability.

MS RMS has many account exports built in and has and XML output with
Quickbooks and raw XML also. RMS integrates with the GP family directly at
the HQ level only.

Hope that helps.


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