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Hi Folks

Running RMS 1.3.X and just got a barcode scanner. We have approximately 4000 items (ILC) in our database which were all assigned our own ILC ( max size 13 characters, Alphanumeric - lower and uppercase and a hyphen). 80% of our items have barcodes from the manufacturer on them.

What is the best to implement our new barcode system? This is what I was thinking.
1) Use QSCImport to assign alias to all items that already have a barcode ( 80% of items)
2) Print-out our own barcode for all other item - not sure what barcode format to use...thinking Code128B - barcode needs to be as small as possible.
3) Is their a way to print Labels for items in one department where quantity > 0 ... I didn't see that option in SOM - Label Wizard, Filter Option?

Any thoughts and advise would be appreciated.



Akber Alwani

Hi Danny,
I think you are at the right path, however you can use also EAN13 because
you specified that 13 characters barcode you have but also I believe you have
include the check sum digit, start digit etc in your barcode also.
Yes you can print the label by department. when you click on wizard | Label
and select "Print Labels for items belongs to a department or category"
then select your departmetn and category. then press next and select the
stock on-hand optin and then click your all items.
Also you have option to select "Print labels for items that satisfy the
following filter" this is really excellent becuase here you can specify the
filter by department, the on hand qty and many other fields enable to specify
your own build up criteria.

This will bring the list of items which has stock available in your system.
I beleive this will satisfy your needs.


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