import and catch up


Mark G.

I just started using MS Money 2006 Deluxe and imported the info from my bank
accounts up to date. Anyhow, they are all bold whereas my new entries are
not. It wants me to accept or change in order for it not to be bold. I can
not seem to find away to make them all "accept". Am I missing something or
do I need to go one by one and do this? Thanks much.



Chris Cowles

Review the categories to which Money assigned them, before accepting. Money
will learn from what you do, and probably remember next time.

You may also need to 'unmatch' transactions, or revise the imported payee
name to one you standardized. Do that, also, before accepting. Money
probably will learn from that, too.

That advice aside, yes, there's a way you can accept them all at once using
the "Reconcile transactions" link on the left pane. I advise not doing that
until you've review them. I also suggest you toggle the register to 'all
transaction details' (Ctrl-T) if not already viewing that way, to simplify
your review.

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