Import Export Office Accounting pro 2008



We need to set a new company and most of the data including the optional
fields will be transferred to teh new company. We do not see how we can do
that where we export e.g. inventory data with optional fields from one
company and import the same in new company.

Could anyone be kind to help.

Thanks & Regards




Hi Tahir,
Office Accounting Pro 2008 does not support any of these functions. Only
the default fields or a subset of the default fields can be exported or
imported, although it will appear to work. When you try to use them only the
default fields you exported and imported will remain. Microsoft told me
“This function works as intended†and that Office Accounting Pro was never
intended to be a working piece of software only some “core functions†for
independent developers to start from. If you search the internet you will
get two completely different and contradictory stories from Microsoft. The
developers and management state the above; while the sales people clam it is
the “best accounting software package for small businessâ€. I would welcome
an official detailed response from Microsoft as many people, including
myself, bought this software for accounting and inventory tracking purposes.
By the way as you continue to learn about the software you will find most of
the functionality is just stubbed out. Just enough exists for viewgraphs,
canned demos and sales pitches. If you change the screen resolution of the
display you will get different unstable results. I was told by the help
personal that if I wanted the kit description field to work, try different
screen resolutions and you may find one that may mostly works! I still do not
understand why the “screen resolution†has any affect on the functionality on
the “kit description field†and have been able to make it work only
intermittently. Microsoft’s answer is to write your own software around the
core or pay someone else to do it.

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