Import of QIF file prevented due to "too many lines"...




Currently I’m encountering a problem while I’m trying to
import a *.qif file. A few files could be imported
successfully – however for two of them I get the
message “QIF statement import stopped because the file was
not recognised as QIF. Either a line was long or a
supposed transaction had too many lines to be QIF”.

As background information – I want to “merge” two
different MONEY 2003 Deluxe files. Thus I’ve exported the
different accounts from one file and import them into the
actual file which i want to use later.

Did anybody encounter this problem before? I’ve checked
the FAQ as well as the knowledge base of MS – no
entry/solution that points to this particular problem.

Thanks for your help.





After some reconnaissance work in the structure of those
QIF file I figured out that a “splitting” of transaction
prevented the import! One transaction comprised more than
8 entries (splitting’s) and thus the QIF file were
indicated as “not QIF conform” during the import.

After reducing the individual “splits” to the essential
one – in total 8 – I was able to import the file.

nasty, nasty...

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