Importing a vendor with a name that already exists (as a vendor)


Darin Nadler

We have occasion to deal with two companies with the same name. When
we import a large excel file that contains a name (but actually a
different vendor) that is already in the QuickBooks file, the newly
imported name overwrites the previously existing name. These two
companies have different identification numbers... Is there a way to
key on that number instead of the name? Or is there a way to ask
confirmation before overwriting? Thank you for any help you can send
my way.

Darin Nadler
Nadler & Associates, Inc.




No way to do either of these things. QuickBooks matches on the name.




Give them different names

Say XYZ - location A and XYZ - location B or whatever helps you
identify them on a day to day basis even XYZ and XYZ* should work.

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