Importing data from Quicken 2009 to 2014 or 2015?

Discussion in 'Quicken' started by janie, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. janie

    janie Guest

    I've read that importing data from Quicken 2009
    to Quicken 2014 to 2015 is a two step process:
    convert to 2012 first and then to 2014 or 2015.

    But I haven't been able to find out if I need
    to install 2012 on my computer to do the first
    conversion or if there is a conversion program
    or script that will do it.

    When I converted from Quicken 3 to Quicken 2009,
    I just edited the qif files in notepad and was
    good to go. Is there anything that simple to do
    in this case?

    Thanks for any help.
    janie, Dec 18, 2014
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  2. janie

    danbrown Guest

    Q Win 2014 and 2015 can read a Q Win 2009 data file directly.
    If you're going from Q Win to Q Mac, the Q Win must be at least at Q2010.
    Any Q Win version at or after 2004 can be read into recent versions.
    danbrown, Dec 18, 2014
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  3. janie

    ps56k Guest

    ps56k, Dec 18, 2014
  4. janie

    janie Guest

    Thanks very much, Dan and ps56k. I'm glad it's
    easier than I thought.
    janie, Dec 18, 2014
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