Importing Netledger (Netsuite) Data



Netledger exports existing data as CSV or IIF. Which of these will SBA
import and how do you do it?

The SBA import wizard seems to want one to close the old books and
only bring forward beginning balances. I would like to have all
transactions detail from day one. Is this possible?

If old transaction detail is not possible or is limited, using two
sets of software could be a real pain.




SBA Team

Unfortunately this version of SBA will only allow you to bring in accounts
and balances via CSV files. With our SDK it would be possible to write a
custom solution that recreates the data in SBA, but that funcitonality is
not built into the product at this point.



Thanks for your reply. I looked at the SDK and it is way beyond me.
I am a CPA checking out new software. The SBA site at MS was of no
help and there was no way to contact support so I came here.

I think the transaction import ability (at a minimum QB) should have
been a higher priority. Without the ability to import transactions,
switching to SBA midyear is very impractical. Most potential users of
SBA have calendar years. These potential users are busy in January
with W2s, 1099s etc and gathering income tax information. It is not a
good time to learn new software.





For those looking for a solution to get Netledger data into SBA,
below are some notes on how I eventually accomplished it. The
information from MS above was useless, in fact I had to look up what
SDK meant. I should point out that the QB import feature was not
available at that time but they could of said it was coming.

You may want to stick with Netledger since my experience with SBA is
that its Save & New is slower than Netledger on a dial up connection.

You can import Netledger to QB and then import QB to SBA I saw
postings about a downloadable QB demo but I couldn't find it. I think
I looked after QB 2006 became available. Although QB 2006 is not on
the MS list, it worked for me. I ordered a free demo by mail, 2 week
delivery. The Netledger version I use is a free demo I signed up for
when they first started. Some of the functionality of it was limited
and email support was zero. Your version may have things I did not
encounter. Based on what they charge now, I may be the only one
wanting to convert to a low end program.

There is a limit on the amount of data SBA will import. See other
posts about this. I had no problem, my IIF files was 9,700 lines.

SBA does not use Other Names so you may want to fix this before
getting the IIF file. I did not do this so I don't know how to do it .
SBA wants account numbers in the chart of accounts for QB import so
you may want to add these to Netledger if you don't use them.

Download IIF file from Netledger.

Open with Excel - Delimited. I could not see anything in the preview
window at first so scroll down if you want to see data. Next Tab
delimiters. Next General and finish.

The data will be grouped by type. Alphabetical sorting is by case so
lower case a is after upper case Z.

Any field that has punctuation ( or maybe just commas) will be in
quotes and will not be picked up by QB. So A Customer or Vendor with
the name ABC, Inc. will be in quotes. This has to be fixed in the
lists of customers and vendors and in the transactions. Memos and
Descriptions on invoices, checks, etc. may have quotes as the result
of punctuation. Use excel find and replace. I did not do anything with

A reduction to a credit card account other than a payment is coded as
Credit Card by Netledger but QB wants CCard Refund.

I had some duplicate names in Customer, Vendor and Other. QB doesn't
like this. I modified the names in both the list and transactions to
make them unique.

Sub accounts are separated from the parent account by a colon :)). If
the subaccount is two words, they will be separated by a colon that
needs to be removed. Insurance : General : Liability should be
Insurance : General Liability.

To get a cleaner import to QB you want to limit the Chart of Accounts
QB automatically sets up. In the demo select create a new company. On
the first box select "I want to follow step by step instruction...."
at the bottom. Select the Company Info tab and complete the
information until you get to Select your type of business. Pick
Accounting/CPA. QB now thinks you know what you are doing. Pick Skip
Interview. Complete Company info again. For company type select "(no
type)" which should give you no accounts. Hit Next and save. QB will
still create some accounts.

In QB use file, import IIF and select your IIF file. QB is pretty good
about reporting errors during the import. Take notes as they are
reported Rinse and Repeat. You will need to create a new company if
you fix errors in the IIF file

QB will not match customer payments to the corresponding invoices. You
will need to go to the AR ageing and click on each payment to apply it
to an invoice. In Netledger I had a customer who underpaid an
invoice. When I recorded the payment, I added a line for an additional
credit (payment) for the invoice and a debit (a minus payment) to an
account "Billing Adjustment". QB completely ignored this so I had to
do it the QB way when I matched payments. More about this transaction
in SBA. I do not use AP so I don't know about applying payments to
vendor invoices. SBA does force me to now run transactions through

In the chart of accounts, I had problems with accounts that had sub
accounts. Using the edit merge feature I was able to clean this up.

Once you have QB's and Netledger's Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
Statement agree (watch dates) You are ready to import to SBA.

The SBA error report is not as good as QB. It is hard to find the
errors in the IIF or QB files.

SBA created two undeposited funds accounts. Merge fixed this.

The underpayment by a customer above was changed by SBA. In QB I was
able to select "Billing Adjustments" as the account to use to write
off the underpayment. SBA understood the substance of the transaction
but put it to "write offs", an account SBA created. Merge fixed this.

I am sure I left out many details but this is a start. It probably
took as much time to import the data as it would have to reenter it
but it was not as tedious.


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