Importing/Synchronizing Item Data in MOA2007




I've got a web site driven by a MySQL database with 25,000+ products
in it. We are moving to Microsoft Accounting 2007 Professional and
need to have those same products in the item database it for
invoicing, etc.

Ideally we would synchronize the databases, so that at least a change
to the product database online would automatically be mirrored in
MOA. Since PHP supports MS SQL we could theoretically do the update/
inserts manually, although I think reverse engineering the items
database would be a beast of a job. Is there a built in API for
interfacing with Item data ... (and vendors, customers, etc.)

At the very worst, we would need a way to automatically import the
items to MOA. Would we really have to export from MySQL to a CSV or
Excel file, then import to MOA?

Finally, is there any API reference at all for MOA? I need to be able
to interface with and automate a lot of things that go on there and
simply don't know where to start. I am our company's IT guy and web
programmer but I only use Mac/Linux so am really unfamiliar with .NET,
VBA, and how to find out information about APIs.

Thanks for any information you can provide,


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