Importing TERMS on an Invoice


Joe Todd

I am successfully importing several transaction types into Quickbooks, but I
need help with the TERMS on an Invoice.
I normally use tab delimited text files. I've tried CSV files with the same
results. The imports work on everything but the TERMS.

As briefly as possible, here's how I get the data:

1. I get EDI data from another source in CSV format and read it into some
FOXPRO software.
2. I export Chart of Accounts, Customer list, Terms, etc. from Quickbooks.
3. I merge the EDI data with some of the data elements from Quickbooks.
This is where the TERMS field for each customer comes from, so what I'm
sending back to Quickbooks is the same stuff I got from Quickbooks.
4. I build invoices, write an export file, and import it into Quickbooks.
5. Everything works fine except the TERMS field, although I don't get any
messages on the import in Quickbooks.

Quickbooks appears to treat the invoice as if there were no TERMS provided.
My receivable report is updated correctly, except that the invoice shows due
in ONE day, regardless of the terms. Most of my terms are NET 10.

When I pull up the invoice for editing, the TERMS field shows NET 10 (or
whatever I provided on the import).
When I click on the TERMS block, the dropdown list has a check mark by the
same TERMS condition that I imported.

Now for the interesting part, which also leads me to believe that Quickbooks
didn't recognize the terms even though they are on the invoice and checked
in the TERMS drop-down list:
If I click onto NET 15, then back to NET 10, then close the invoice, I get
the usual messages about "do you want to save your changes" and "Terms have
changed......". Checking the receivable report again, the due date
correctly reflects the length of the TERMS. Now, if I go back into
Quickbooks just for fun and update the TERMS field again, in the same manner
as described above, I DON'T get the message about having made a change.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for sticking out the problem description this far.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Joe Todd


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