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How can I Automatic item Inactive when it goes to 0 on hand, is there
anyway. can anyone help me. Also I need to know how not let the cashiers
change the item on hand.

tahnk you

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Antonijo Todorovik

Hi there,

there could be few ideas of how to do this, maybe the easiest and the first
one that comes to my mind, would include
a small development: a small program (an dll hook) that will be
automatically executed when a Cashier is doing a sale (maybe on
Transaction End, maybe on adding the Item to the Transaction, etc...), that
will check if the Item(s) in the Transaction
has Quantity OnHand = 0 and turn the Item to Inactive... But this would be
only on Selling (in POS), any other way of "updating" the stock, through RMS
SO Manager have to be controled other way... You can do this with Visual

For not letting the users changing the OnHand Items, probably the best way
to do it is by putting some security levels... standard option in RMS...

If You need more info/help, feel free to contact me...

Regards, A.



Koit Lahesoo

In this scenario I think about database trigger.
You can make a trigger on table Item if after update Quantity=0 then set
Inactive=1 (that means true). You can use also other parameters (e.g. filter
on ItemType or where LastReceived is not null).
If you dont know SQL well, ask from proffessionals!

Koit Lahesoo

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