Hi i have an HQ with almost 40 stores all connected and running fine.
Now a couple of stores are now closed. How do I make those stores
inactive in HQ? I still need the records of the closed stores.



Matt Hurst

This is a problem because as long as the store is active, other stores can
send transfers to them. The way I have dealt with this problem is to
redesign all my HQ reports to use StoreID instead of Store.Name and remove
the Store table from the joins, so I can then delete the closed store from
HQ Manager, but the history will still show up in the reports.

You need to make sure that all the inventory is cleared out, and any loose
ends tied up, like printing the last z report, receiving transfers, removing
transactions on hold, layaways, in store credit etc; because once you remove
the store from HQ, that's the last time it will connect to HQ client.

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