Income from renting a bedroom in house



I have been looking around for information on how to claim income made
on renting a room in the house that I own (and is my residence). I
have seen information on rental properties, but I'm not sure that also
applies to my situation since I live in the house also. My situation
is that rented out one room in my three bedroom house to an intern at
my workplace during the summer. She was only living at my house for
about 3 months and paid a flat monthly payment of $475 which included
rent and all the utilities. We shared all the common areas of the
house like the kitchen, dining, and living room. $475 is less than
half of the expenses that I have every month (mortgage, HOA dues,
water/sewer, garbage, electric, and gas). Where on my income taxes
would I came the income and deduct things like the utilties, etc.)?
And also, how would I figure out how much to deduct if some of the sq
footage of the house was shared by the both of us?

Thank you in advance!


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