Incorrect investment type after Quicken 98 conversion


Richard Marland

A question, if I may.

I have recently converted from Quicken 98 to Money 2004
(via a demo version of Money 2001 as per the instructions
of this newgroup).

I've spent three weeks familiarising myself with the
obvious stuff - statement downloads, account balancing
etc. and am only now looking at my shares and
investigating share price updating. This is where I have
encountered my first big problem - I can't update my
share prices.

I have investigated all the obvious stuff and am fairly
confident that I have the correct symbols (eg for ITV plc
I have GB:ITV).

I think that I have now found the problem but don't know
how to fix it. All my shares seem to be set up as
Investment type "managed Fund", I guess that they should
be shares. Could this explain my problem and if so how
can I change the Investment Type as I can't find anywhere
that will let me change it?

I don't want to re-do the transfer from Quicken 98 as I
have been using Money 2004 for several weeks now. I
really need to try and fix things in-situ.

Thanks in advance for any help.




Glyn Simpson, MVP

I think you may have identified the problem.
However, if you have GB: in front of the symbol name, i would wonder whether
your currency is 'Pound' rather than 'British Pound', the latter being the
Money one which you'll need for download.

To change investment type, take a look at this:



Richard Marland

Thanks for that.

It was a bit laborious but it has had the desired effect.

You were also right about the Pound v British Pound
currency issue. I have now changed all my accounts etc
over to British Pound.



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