Independent Financial Advisors


Peter Taylor

EIGHT MONTHS! Sorry to hear this. Not good. Suggest you find another
advisor. Realistically, it should take about a week to do the basic
gathering of information, and then perhaps three weeks to obtain up to date
information on your holdings (yes, it really can take that long for
providers to respond to questions), and then a week to do the analysis.
maximum of 5 weeks. 6 if things are a bit more complicated.

So sack your advisor and find a proper CFP qualified advisor - Certified
Financial Planner (try phoning the Institute of Financial Planning on 0117
945 2470 or look on website .

Good luck

Peter Taylor FIFP, CFP.

email (e-mail address removed) if you need any more info.

Original message - TIA wrote:

Don't know if this is the right place to ask but here goes...

How long should an IFA take to do a complete financial review of my
finances, given that I have a pretty straight forward sort of life? Any
ideas? Is eight months reasonable?



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