USA Individual / Contractor / Just Income (No Profit) Question


Mar 9, 2018
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United States
I work alone as a Facility Manager and the Owner of the Facility hired me as an "Independent Contractor".

I have no Goal for making a Profit - only Income (don't make much anyway). Is there a way I can become a "Non-Profit" (or other Designation) to be able to Legally Avoid some - or all - of the Taxes?

I am Single and have no real expenses. I live on the Property in my RV (my only vehicle) and only leave the Property one day a month putting on less than 10 miles total each month - and I don't see things changing anytime in the near (and possibly far) future. I'm simply satisfied earning my few pennies a month - and would like to keep them for my own needs, but I make more then the Minimum Requirement.

Any ideas, suggestions and/or thoughts on my situation?

I've searched the Forums (and the Net) and can't find anyone else that appears to be searching regarding the same situation/desire.


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