Infopath 2007 and MOA2007 Professional and Sharepoint Integration



I would love to be able to setup a "service call" time input webform (from
Infopath 2007) up on our Sharepoint 2007 server that would directly input
it's data into our timesheets in MOA 2007. We are trying to streamline this
daily time keeping process but cannot find any documentation on how to
integrate these applications. Can this be done? Please help! Any direction
would be helpful.
Thank you,



Brian K Seitz

I'm working on the same path, so far I'm seeing a Project Mgt applicaton may
have the functionality I'm looking for. But the best would be either a
plug-in for T&E in BCM or a simple guide on how-to use InfoPath or SharePoint
Designer to integrate with OA2007

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