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Discussion in 'Microsoft Money UK' started by Cal Learner, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Cal Learner

    Cal Learner Guest

    Cal Learner, Aug 2, 2011
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  2. Cal Learner

    Kevin Bean Guest

    I have Money 2002 UK. Should I, or do you recommend, using "Money
    2005 IntlEngl - QFE2" instead ?

    Kevin Bean, Aug 7, 2011
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  3. Cal Learner

    Cal Learner Guest

    I suggest you download the *UK* installation file and save it for
    future use. The International English version will do you no good.
    It will not be able to your UK file, If you get a new computer, and
    if you have trouble later installing Money 2002, you will have the
    Money UK 2005. Otherwise, if your Money 2002 works well for you,
    then you will probably good to keep with that.

    Everybody should think about a backup policy, regardless of version.
    Cal Learner, Aug 8, 2011
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