Installed Peachtree at the Root Directory on Server


Anton McNeil

How should I correct this problem? The peachtree book indicates that the
peachtree software should not be installed at the root directory, which I
accidental did. I need to intall it on my server in the sub directory named
PEACHW/. How should I correct this error and what kinds of problem will I
have if I don't correct this location error??




Ralph A. Jones

Option 1: Uninstall, then install correctly.

Option 2: Don't uninstall. Install again in peachw/ directory. Make
sure shortcuts point to peachw/ directory and not root.

Footnote to Option 2: To clean up if you like, compare files/folders in
peachw/ to those created in root and remove those created in root.
Actually, though, Option 1 should work just fine.



SBT Bill

If I understand you correctly you installed Peachtree outside of it's own
directory and put it in the base or root directory. Your My computer looks a
bit like this:

BCS (folder)
My Documents (folder)
Windows (folder)

I wouldn't think this would cause any Peachtree problems. But it creates some
windows issues. The first being that the more items you have in the root
directory the slower Windows will run. 2) This is kind of like dumping
everything in the file cabinet without sorting. It increase the chances of
loosing something. 3) It will make backup much harder and time consuming.

I would hire a Windows consultant to move your data and then uninstall and
reinstall Peachtree. It should cost you about $150 for an hours work and be
well worth it.

Bill Couture

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