installing Money2003



I just purchased Money2003, Standard version
and it won't install. My computer is a new too, with XP.

Installation failed on the first try, with an error
message about some file that looked like a system file, I

Several additional tries just locked-up, and led to
system crashes.

Now, I can't uninstall Money2003, and can't even delete
the folder in Program Files. Every attempt to run
Setup.exe causes an immediate failure:

"Microsoft Money Setup Bootstrapper has encountered a
problem and needs to close. We're sorry ..... Please
tell MS about this problem."

Technical detail oin this error report includes
"App Ver Offset: 0000ff8a"

Any ideas?


Try copying the contents of the CD to the HardDrive and installing from the





I don't know if you have tried this but when I uninstalled
my Money 2003, I just put the cd in the drive and it gives
me three options and one of them was to uninstall.

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