Insurance bond withdrawls means testing income or capital



Hi Group

Senario a withithdrawl from a disregarded insurance bond for a person in reciept of income based JSA. £10,000 invested bond value has risen to £20,000 after 20 years. A withdrawl of £1,000 is to be made, so there is a return of £500 of capital and £500 of "growth".

Will the withdrawl be treated as capital or income or a combination of the two for means testing?

The reason i ask is because For UK tax
A withdrawl from an insurance bond creates a chargable event for tax purposes and therfore tax maybe payable. Part of the withdrawl is treated as return of capital (5% of original investment per year tax free)and any growth if there is any is chargable to income tax if the tax has not already been payed at the relavant rate.

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