Integrating with customer database



I am considering RMS -- but I need to be able to integrate our point-of-sale
with an existing contacts (customer) database. We share our customer
database with our fundraising databse, for example.

The current database is powered by Informix SE.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



Afshin Alikhani

We have an import utility that will allow you to map and bring all your data
in. If you plan to contiue using that database you can import he data
periodically to keep the RMS data updated. Or better once imported keep the
data all in RMS

Afshin Alikhani - []
CEO - Retail Realm



POSable Solutions

Not enough information here. You might want to have a seperate customer
entry interface created that will populate and modify both databases, having
the Informix data imported to RMS just once. It is doubtful that the two
databases have the same tables and requirements.

Is this a not-for-profit?

RMS is a retail application set, but the underlining SQL database can have
other interfaces designed to interact with it.

If you don't mind offshore work, I suggest you contact LanServices and have
them put together an estimate. They did a great job for us designing RMScart
for Newestech. This would give you a good idea of your budget so you can
make up your mind.

Chris LaCroix
POSable Solutions

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