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Jim Hudspeth

Michael said:
hello all,

I'm currently a student in the process of getting is BS in Accounting,
I've been lurking on this board for quite a while now. I'm very curious as
to your opinions on the new set of regulations set up by the new
accounting oversite board...

I'd appreciate all comments and replys

The board is not speaking softly. We have yet to see the size of it's
stick. It's effectiveness will be determined by what it does, not by what
it says.

I would suggest that you pay close attention to the U-Haul / PWC matter
(Amerco Asks Peek-a-boo to Investigate PWC). U-Haul has presented the
board with a very sticky wicket. The board's wisdom (or lack thereof) in
dealing with this matter will give us great insight into their future

Jim Hudspeth

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