International Versions of Money



Does anybody know how to convert a UK version file (Money
2000) to a US (Money 2003) file? When I try to open the
old file in the new program I receive an error that it is
not a supported file. When I try to import using a
Strict QIF a lot of my information is lost, such as links
between accounts and currency differences. Are these 2
products just incompatible?

If anybody has any insight, I would sure appreciate some
input. Thanks.



Dick Watson

The FAQ:
Q): Why do I get the "incompatible versions" message when upgrading my data

A): This problem arises from trying to convert a file from one localized
version (say Money UK) to another (say Money US.)

The workaround it to export accounts using QIF and re-import them. The fix
is to obtain a newer localized version for the same country as your original
data file.

Answer courtesy of Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money, and Cal Learner

MSKB: Q304254 incompatible versions
MSKB: Q197668 incompatible versions
MSKB: 178830 Export/Import "Repair" and Conversion



Bob Peel, MVP

Further to Dick's answer, to get round the transfer problem, when you are
asked which account to import, make sure you import them all. Use Ctrl +
click to select.

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