internet company that sells to European customers via a European Middleman

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Jennifer Brogdan

Hello Everyone,

I have a US registered small internet company that sells to European
customers/user only, via a third party billing European companies, in the
UK, Spain, and Portugal. The income comes to my bank only as wire transfers
from these countries.

The business consists of several internet websites that sell service to
users in the above European countries. The sales are made via a middleman
billing companies located in the above countries, respectively. That
middleman billing companies collect the revenues + VAT tax from the European
users/customers. I get the revenues wired to my bank in the US excluding

Do you think that I owe any tax to the European countries? Do I just own the
tax to the US gov?
Is there any way for me to get back some of the VAT tax that was deducted
from my revenues by the European middleman billing companies?

Thank you. - Jenny


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