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May 10, 2014
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Hi everyone,
I have a 2nd interview for a Financial Controller position next week and I am wanting to get clued up on items where I am weak. My current role, although financial controller, has been watered down due to centralisation over the years and therefore I feel I am weak in certain areas:
I managed to bluff my way through the interview on:
- R&D Claims for Tax relief (I have came across it)
- Differences between UK GAAP and IFRS
- Corp Tax electronic filing from April ??

I also need to get familiar with the latest corp tax rates and things like that.

Yes I can google for the information, but are there any good tools out there that give a good overview / summary of the above and any other job requirements of a financial controller to help me with my interview.
Many thanks



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Oct 12, 2011
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United States
First I wouldn't bluff but be honest about where your development areas are and address how you can overcome or compensate through strength in other areas. I have not met a single controller yet that knows 100% of the material and usually can adapt and learn the areas quickly to make sound decisions. If you claim to be an expert in areas you are not this will be apparent very quickly when you are expected to take a lead on these and others find you don't really understand it.

If you just want to be familiar with these topics that is fine. From the topics you are asking they seem to be looking for someone with a solid tax background. Knowing the rates is very simple ask and you will need to get deeper around perm/tax/book differences, tax strategies to mitigate taxes, audit process and MLTN positions, etc....If these are not familiar to you then just come clean that tax is not your strength and explain that you can "get up to speed" but discuss the other skills/tools that you bring that are beneficial to that company.

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