Interview Monday- help!

Jan 18, 2012
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Hi all,

I have an interview on Monday for a Financial Accountant position. It's an internal position so they know I have no experience and no qualifications (almost finished first year of AAT) but they have accepted my application form and would like to see me for an interview.

I'm so nervous, I have prepared for the general questions but I am struggling to find technical questions. The key accountabilities on the job spec are as follows:

Bank postings and reconciliations
VAT return
Balance sheet reconciliations
Accruals and prepayments
Weekly cash forecasting

I have covered these topics in my first year of AAT but I'm assuming I have only covered them on a basic level.

So can anyone think of any questions relating to these that they may ask to test my knowledge? (anything AT ALL will help as I can use them to test my own knowledge) or does anyone have any info that they can give me, or any websites to direct me to?

Secondly, for those that have done AAT, do you cover these in more detail in your 2nd and 3rd year?

Thanks in advance for your help. It may be the difference between me being an accountant or staying in purchase ledger!!




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May 12, 2011
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In a sense you've already answered the larger question here. So let's see where we are:
1. You said "they know I have no experience and no qualifications"
2. You said "they would like to see me for an interview"
So - to repeat -- they KNOW you do not have the experience but are willing to speak to you ANYWAY. They think you can LEARN the job.Get it?
So - just be sure - from your first year of AAT that you have at least a clue of each of those areas - I am sure that you do . So this is NOT the time to point out to them "Well I've never done that" and instead to SELL them on you on what you HAVE done. You must be doing well at your present position else they would not waste the time to interview you. So again - don't be stressed about what you don't know (no time to learn it all now) just be poised and positive and emphasize your good past performance and how you can be expected to succeed as well in this new spot.
Good Luck!


May 6, 2012
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Don't just focus on the theory, be prepared to talk about your practical experience and be armed with specific examples of the work you have completed and the skills and competences you have demonstrated when completing such work.

Yes there will be a technical element to the interview but from my experience the interview is likely to contain questions that aim to draw out the specific qualities and skills you possess and how you can bring these to the role evidenced by past experience.

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