Intuit ID still required (RANT: But why?)

Discussion in 'Quicken' started by Stuart Barkley, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. answers my own question but generates more:

    Am I required to setup an Intuit ID?

    Quicken 2015 and newer require the use of Intuit ID. If you do not
    already have an Intuit ID, created when you purchased any Intuit
    product directly from our websites or when using other
    Intuit-provided services, then you will be required to create one.

    They also attempt to explain why the think you want an Intuit ID.
    Most of which I don't really get:

    The Intuit ID is a universal access ID for Quicken online services
    and product registration. You can choose to use this same Intuit
    ID with other Intuit products, such as TurboTax and QuickBooks,
    reducing the number of passwords you need to manage. With an
    Intuit ID in Quicken, you can choose to

    - Download transactions from your bank into Quicken

    This is traditional Quicken using an account with my bank.

    - Use Quicken on your phone or tablet

    Nope. I don't want web/cloud/mint based quicken.

    - Snap and store receipts on your phone and sync to Quicken

    Nope. I still don't want web/cloud/mint based quicken.

    - Pay your bills online direct from Quicken*

    This is traditional Quicken using an account with my bank.

    - Receive email and text alerts

    Nope. I don't want any more email alerts or text from
    web/cloud/mint based Quicken.

    - Get notified in product when a free update is available

    Traditional Quicken does this okay (but slightly annoyingly).
    No account is necessary.

    - Use Quicken on your phone or tablet

    Same response to same "feature". Not wanted at all.

    - Receive email and text alerts

    Same response to same "feature". Not wanted at all.

    - Access Quicken Support & Quicken Community

    Might be useful, but why tie it to anything to do with my
    banking information?

    *Available through the Quicken Bill Pay service or if your bank
    uses Direct Connect and supports bill pay.

    Intuit does NOT explain if this Intuit ID is associated with your
    banking information (I have not read the current privacy policy). In
    the past, my relationship with Intuit has been mostly anonymous by
    using the registration bypass function. I do know that there is some
    interchange of information with Quicken servers and previously I have
    assumed this was properly managed. I was never really that
    comfortable with the web connect which sends my passwords through
    Intuits servers, again I have assumed some trust.

    I believe that Intuit wants you to have an Intuit ID for a couple
    reasons of their own:

    - Marketing: You probably need to give them an email address.

    - Move to cloud: See notes above: Intuit is attempting to move Quicken
    into the "Cloud" whether you want it or not.

    - Everybody else does it.

    - The Intuit ID (and my previously noted paranoia) starts to make me
    believe that the data mining folks are starting to drive Intuits
    business model.

    Stuart Barkley
    Stuart Barkley, Oct 18, 2014
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  2. Stuart Barkley

    danbrown Guest

    WHY is, basically, irrelevant. It's because Intuit instituted that requirement and you have 2 choices: Create the Intuit ID, or don't use Q2014 or later.

    It's really fairly simple.
    danbrown, Oct 19, 2014
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  3. Stuart Barkley

    John Carter Guest

    I for one would like to know what they are going to do with this ID.
    My Quicken needs are similar to the OP - no fancy jim cracks, bells
    and whistles, but an application that resides on my own self-
    controlled computer, using my dta on that computer and with very
    straight forward access to my banking/broker institutions.

    The only reasons cited by Intuit as a need for this ID just don't
    add up for me.

    I see this trend in many apps I use on my smart phone - I find an
    app that does exactly what I want, no more, no less and then someone
    in their organization decides that they need to put some feature
    into the app. In most cases I have observed, these features, while
    related somewht, don't add to the original app, thay just seem to
    make an attempt to draw users from other apps to theirs.

    John Carter
    John Carter, Oct 19, 2014
  4. Following up on my own post once again (very bad form). And top
    posting also (to tell you that there is new content below). Please
    trim irrelevant sections when replying.

    I think I need to explain my objections to this Intuit ID more clearly
    so that other people can make their own determinations as to if it is
    meaningful to them.

    These are all self centered thoughts. Intuit needs to convince ME
    that I need to do create this new account.

    - I do not want another long term Online ID that I need track and
    properly secure. This initially is my biggest issues.

    With that comes lots of sub issues to determine what security I will
    apply to the account:

    - I need to understand the purpose of the account and the Intuit
    FAQ entry does not provide useful information.
    - Am I creating an account with any access to any of my private
    information (including banking information)?
    - Am I going to create a throwaway account to use one time and
    forget? - Am I going to create a throwaway account that I will
    bury a password somewhere and forget about? And if/when
    necessary, I'll just create another throwaway account?
    - Am I creating an account that is going to have its own social life
    outside of my financial realm (Community Support, etc)? I would
    really rather use a separate throwaway account for that anyway.

    - The Intuit ID exists in part outside of its association with Quicken
    (it can line to TurboTax, the Community Support Pages and who knows
    what else). It is this which is of as much concern and the
    undocumented relationship between these external components and
    Quicken. What will Intuit link the Intuit ID to in the future and
    will I want it or not?

    - I created a throwaway Intuit ID yesterday (which is supposedly a
    single account for all of Intuit) so I could add comments on the
    Quicken Forums. It turns out that even this Intuit ID is not enough
    to be able to post of their OTHER support web site:
    <>. I had to create another
    throwaway account to be able to interact there.

    - I don't see where I manage the Intuit ID account (which currently
    only exists outside of Quicken). For example: I seem to recall
    setting up a security question. I probably stuck a generic answer
    there that I might want to fix later.

    - I don't see how I eventually delete the Intuit ID account when I'm
    done using it or Quicken.

    - There is a pretty horrible recovery process if you lose access to
    your email address:

    This asks for too much information if the account is unimportant and
    nowhere near enough information if the account is important to your
    Quicken data.

    As someone else noted: I will either need to accept or reject this
    change. I have already bought Q2015 but not yet installed it.
    Intuit has me locked in as a captive customer. I don't like the
    documentation and uncertainty of this new unnecessary to me change.
    I hope this can spur the market towards some degree of competition
    against quicken in the user locally hosted (non-cloud) personal
    financial management software space (but doubt it)

    Note: I do understand that some of my information passes through
    Intuit Internet based servers for Express Web Connect but that
    information should be short lived and carefully handled by the banking
    experts with proper PCI overview. None of my Direct Connect
    information should touch any Intuit infrastructure at all. The copy
    of Quicken on my system does get updates to the general Banking
    Institution information from Intuit in support of Direct Connect. I
    also assume Intuit makes money consulting and licensing IP to the
    Banking Industry for implementing Direct Connect at various Banks..

    Further note: Additional recent reading indicates that Express Web
    Connect may actually store your password on Intuit servers for an
    extended period of time and that those Intuit servers may make
    requests at other times than when the user initiates the download.
    Does anyone have pointer to authoritative documentation of this fact?
    I find this especially troublesome and would expect that my financial
    institutions would block traffic from any such known sources. I will
    need to review my 3 credit cards which currently only support Express
    Web Connect to see if I really need those cards.

    Stuart Barkley
    Stuart Barkley, Oct 20, 2014
  5. Stuart Barkley

    John Pollard Guest

    "John Carter" wrote
    The only reasons cited by Intuit as a need for this ID just don't add up for

    It is your choice: if you don't like the Intuit ID, you are welcome not to
    use it ... therefore to refrain from downloading to Quicken.

    All Quicken basic functions - the primary reason for the existence of the
    application - will continue to function as they always have.
    John Pollard, Oct 20, 2014
  6. Stuart Barkley

    danbrown Guest

    BTW, that "not downloading to Quicken" INCLUDES release updates ... i.e., Bug Fixes

    But, Intuit doesn't need to convince you of anything. The situation is, quite simply and irrefutably, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
    danbrown, Oct 20, 2014
  7. Stuart Barkley

    Pdog Guest

    It is sounding like this Intuit ID thing 'is' something to stop and
    consider before upgrading (again). Appreciate the comments.

    And I never did hear a clear response . . . . For example, if I use
    Web Connect with my bank, is this Intuit ID required in order to
    download financial information from the bank into Quicken? I don't
    consider that feature some 'extra' but at this stage pretty much one
    of the core features of any software of this type.
    Pdog, Oct 23, 2014
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